About Me

About me

I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together we will ensure your leadership journey is a successful one.

I’m Hector Wong. I’ve had a long career in the Information Technology field. I started out as a programmer, living and breathing code. I loved being able to create software with just clicks on a keyboard.

After many years, I was promoted into my first management role. I was elated to be recognized for my past achievements and given a new opportunity to continue to advance my career. However, I quickly learned that what made me successful in the past in technical roles did not prepare me for the complexities of leadership.


Nothing prepared me for:

The list of challenges seemed endless.

Through sheer will and determination, I eventually figured things out.

I became an avid learner, reading, watching, and listening to materials that could could help me in my role. I sought out mentors and peers that could teach me or provide advice. Implementing my newfound knowledge led to positive results, bolstering my confidence in my leadership capabilities. These experiences inspired me to want to help other new and emerging leaders facing similar struggles. They are not getting the support they need, and they are suffering because of it. I don’t want them to suffer like I did.

My aim is to help people become credible leaders more quickly, so that they can make a positive impact faster and help more people sooner rather than later.

As a certified coach with a technology career spanning over 25 years, I’ve successfully coached numerous clients with a technology background or in technology-related companies. However, I don’t need to be an expert in your industry or organization to help you. I only need to understand your goals and the results you seek.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you in transforming into the leader you aspire to be.

"Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Let me be your compass, steering you towards effective strategies and sustained success."
Hector Wong

Certifications and Experience

Associate Certified Coach, ACC

Accredited ICF coach.

Member of the ICF​

Upstanding member of the International Coaching Federation, the leading global organization for coaches and coaching.

Graduate of Erickson Coaching International

Certified graduate at Erickson Coaching International.

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