1-on-1 Coaching

1 Session

1-on-1 Coaching

$ 250
  • Package of 1 Session

4 Sessions

1-on-1 Coaching​

$ 850
  • Package of 4 Sessions

12 Sessions

1-on-1 Coaching​

$ 2250
  • Package of 12 Sessions

Team Training

Propel your team forward with expert guidance to break through challenges and overcome obstacles.

Overcome hurdles and build cohesion within your group through targeted coaching interventions.

The Modern Manager
(Training Course)

Coaching Skills for Managers

Equip your managers with the skills it takes to keep your people engaged, and empowered, and motivated to drive your business forward.

The Problem

Managers today often struggle to:

  • Engage their teams & maintain performance

  • Delegate efficiently & manage priorities

  • Retain and develop top talent

  • Maintain accountability and give effective feedback

The Solution

Successful leaders all have one thing in common, they utilize coaching. 

The Modern Manager provides you with the tools to be an effective coach and create a culture of coaching and feedback that enhances performance. This approach is proven in unlocking talent in direct reports and empowering teams to thrive in the volatile and unpredictable world we live in. 

With managers who coach, your business will have the advantage of overcoming performance challenges by empowering employees to take responsibility as well as unlocking talent in high-potential team members that will lead to bigger innovation, and increased productivity.

This training provides managers with essential communication skills to enhance listening, empathy, and real connection with employees to have a stronger impact on their performance by connecting to what is important to them.

The Benefits Of This Course

After completing this training, managers will elevate their expertise and gain a large number of benefits, including:

Program Delivery

This training is delivered in six 3 hour modules, where participants will be invited to bring real life/work challenges that they will practice coaching each other through. 

Participants will develop a stronger sense of self, and a healthier way of communicating that will leave others feeling empowered to perform.


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